Graduation Ceremonies – Class of 2016

The Graduation Committee of 2017 will be selling flowers and chocolates as a fundraiser at the Graduation Ceremony on October 22.

So not only will you encourage our students, but you will also save time by making your purchases here! “

When confirming your presence for grad, please know your height so we can order you the right sized gown for you.  –  Thank you!


Graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2016 will be held on October 22nd, 2016 at 1 p.m. You will be receiving your invitations shortly. Please be sure to confirm your presence and the number of people in attendance as soon as possible! You can contact Colleen Copping at 450-755-1556 ext.: 8115

Cafeteria Price List for 2016-2017


Item: Price: Extras:
Soup $1.25 Extra Crackers: $0.25
Main Plate 1 $4.50
Main Plate 2 $5.50
Soup, Main plate 1, Juice box $6.00
Soup, Main plate 2, Juice box $7.00
Sandwich $3.00
Tortilla Wrap $3.75
Pasta Salad Small $1.75 Extra Dressing $0.50
Pasta Salad Large $2.75 Extra Dressing $0.50
Veggies + Dip $2.25 Extra Dip $0.50
Fresh Fruit (apple, banana etc) $1.00
Yogurt $1.00
Cheese (2 oz) $2.00
Bagel, Butter $1.75 Extra Butter $0.25
Bagel, Butter, Cream Cheese $2.50 Extra Cream Cheese $0.75
Muffins $1.50
Cookies $1.50
Water Bottle $1.25
Fruit Juice Bottle $2.00
Fruit Juice Box $1.25
Milk 500 ml $2.00
Choco Milk 500ml $2.75

Adult Education

downloadDo you wish to complete your high school diploma?

Are you missing a few credits to enter a professional training program?

Are you missing CEGEP prerequisites?

… We have just the courses you need!

including Secondary School Equivalency Tests



Call Vera Iachetta for more information at 450-755-1556 or by email at


Photo Club Activity

The Photo Club activity is starting … sooooooooooooooooooon !
+ Photography workshop in school
+ 3 Montreal outings
+ Big exhibit June 2017
Included :  camera if needed, transportation, workshop & outings, lunch & a photo framed on glass.
$ 25  registration for the year.  Priority 2016 members.  See Miss Généreux or Miss Ruby                                                                                               Winter Wonderland de Mathilde Bélair
– Winter Wonderland, Mathilde Belair

Shoe Box Collection

Almost time for back to school!!  Please remember to save your empty shoe boxes and bring them with you first day of school…we are collecting as many as possible for Science Class projects.  Thank you!  See you September 1st!!

shoebox_shoes_02 step-1-bird-e1397837442284

Uncollected school fees and Online payment for September 2016

Please note that on Monday July 11th, we will be sending to a collection agencies all the names of parents who did not pay their school fees for the school year 2015-2016.

As of September 2016, you will be able to pay your school fess online. For now, parents who bank with Caisse Populaire Desjardins and Banque Nationale will be able to pay online. Other institution will join over the summer. An updated list of all institution will be sent to you in September 2016. Please see the attached documents for more information.

Nadia Anwar

Principal Joliette High School

Payment on-line for school fees available as of September 2016

BYOB Activity on June 9th

Funny BananaA group of secondary five entrepreneurship students will be holding a BYOB or Bring Your Own Banana event at lunch time tomorrow.  They will be making banana splits at a cost of $2 for students who bring in their own bananas and $3 for those who don’t.  Students can support this event while enjoying a delicious snack.

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