Canadian Student Leadership Conference

From September 23-September 30 – Christian Rochon, Jeremie Therrien, Lily Cartman-Hamilton, Katelin Bryan, Malorie Beaufils and Sandra Maluorni had the privilege to attend the 33rd Annual Canadian Student Leadership Conference. Our pre-conference activities took us from Toronto to Niagara and finally on to Waterloo, Ontario, for the conference itself.  During the pre-conference, we took part in various activities; a visit to Canada’s Wonderland, a Blue Jays game, the Hockey Hall of Fame and Niagara Falls, to name only a few.  Once in Waterloo, we met up with close to 1000 student leaders and teacher advisors.  Together, we were graced with the wisdom of keynotes speakers and took part in various workshops and activities which allowed us to network. We enhanced our leadership skills with the goal of bringing back what we learned and implementing some great ideas within our school and community.

Teachers, students and parents who are interested in the Canadian Student Leadership Conference (to be held in Jasper and Edmonton, Alberta next year) or who would like to find out more about the Canadian Student Leadership Association can contact Sandra Maluorni at or (450) 755-1556.


New Cafeteria Service!

A NEW cafeteria service for our students! It will certainly bring life to JHS. Please help us welcome Olivier to our school; he is Zhea and Salome’s dad, a French chef with over 25 years of experience. WELCOME TO JHS! 😀


Looking for JHS Grads!!

Looking for ALL JHS Grads!   We would love to hear from you.  Send us a picture, a postcard, a logo… from where you live now, what school you went on to, what you do for a living.  Include your name and contact information.  It will be posted on our wall “Oh the places you’ll go…” to encourage our JHS students.  Please like and share this post.  Everyone who does by June 9th, will have their name entered in a draw for a $30 Subway Card.  We want to get the message to travel as far and as wide as possible! Those who participate will have their names entered to win a $50 Cineplex Cinema gift card.  Thank You!

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