New date for Grad Pictures

November 12th: Please note that the date for grad pictures had to change because of the strike actions. The new date is November 12th. On that day we will take grad pictures, retakes of regular school pictures and sports and committee pictures. The entire school group picture will be also taken on that day.

Dance Classes at JHS

As an entrepreneurship project two students have decided to offer dance classes.  All students are welcome to join. There will be 18 dance classes for 25$. The first session is composed of 7 dance sessions on Tuesdays from 4:00 – 5:30. The first dance session will cost 10$. The second session will be composed of 9 classes, again, after school on Tuesdays.  This second session will cost 15$. There will be taxis available after the dance classes at a cost of 2$. The first dance class will start on November 3rd.  It is not too late to register.  All proceeds will go towards prom. Thank you very much for your encouragement. Interested students can contact Ms Maluorni at school.  Hope to see you all.

School will be open on November 9th and November 10th

Dear families,

Please refer to the this memo for important information on November 9th and 10th.

November 9th and November 10th information Information on November 9th and November 10th

The school will be open as usual, but transportation will be affected for some students.

  • Only busses 63, 64, 65, 66, 70, 81, 82, 92, 97, 603, 932 will be in operation;
  • All other bus numbers will not be in operation;  
  • All students are expected at school, should your child not be at school, please call the school to report the absence as usual;
  • If your child’s bus is not in operation, we encourage you to drive your child to school on those two days.

We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation in these unusual circumstances.

Message to parents November 3rd

Rest assured your children and the staff of SWLSB are safe.

You may have heard through the media that some schools across the province are being threatened by a group in regards to the provincial negotiations and strikes.

 NONE of the schools of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board have received any threats.  We will keep you updated on our Facebook page. 


Vanier Lunch Series for Secondary 5 Students

Secondary 5 student`s parents have received a message last week concerning the Vanier Lunch Series. They were supposed to start this week and run every Tuesday until November 24th. Unfortunately, due to conflicts with planned strike dates at the cegep level, the series scheduled to run from Oct. 27th to Nov. 24th is being postponedThey hope to run the series again in February. More information about the dates will come later. Since we were to provide lunch for tomorrow series, we will still do so as the food had been pre-ordered.


Secondary one Fall Camp at Camp Papillon

Everything is going well at the fall camp. The students and teachers are having fun, the secondary 1 students are amazing and the peer advisors are, as usual, doing a fantastic job at being great leaders. Let`s hope that tomorrow, the weather will be the same as today! Here’s a picture of them preparing for zip-liningZiplining!


Open House Dates for Cegep

Please find below a list of all the dates for several CEGEP Open houses

Champlain College (St-Lambert) : November 1st and February 4th
John Abbot College: Cancelled for Fall, January 27th
Cegep de Lanaudière (Joliette): November 10th ( cancelled )
Cegep de Lanaudière (Terrebonne): October 22nd and February 10th
Cegep de Lanaudière (L’Assomption): November 18th
Vanier College: Cancelled for Fall and February 2nd
Dawson College: October 25th
Marianopolis Cegep: November 1st
Champlain College (Lennoxville): November 7th and February 6th

College Momontrency: November 10th from 16:00 to 21:00

College Lionel Groulx: November 18th from 16:00 to 21:00
Pavillon de l’Argile (Trade School): December 1st

For more information on Cegep please follow this link:

Cegep Information Sheet 2016


School Fees

All school fees invoice have been e-mailed to you last week. The e-mail has been delivered to the parent/guardian responsible for your child. If you receive an e-mail entitled School Fees Invoice with nothing on it or no attachment, it is because your e-mail address is entered in our system, but according to this system, the other parent is responsible. Please note that this is our first try and mistakes may be made. If you have not received an invoice or if we have sent the invoice to the wrong person, please contact Ms. Colleen Copping and we will automatically fix our mistake. As a reminder, all school fees (from this year and previous years) must be paid if a student wishes to participate in any extracurricular activities. That includes prom night and the graduation ceremony. Payment arrangements are possible. Please call Ms. Colleen Copping at Extension 8115.

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