Thank you! – From Les Survoltés, Photo Club

I would like to thank all of our partners in the region for supporting us, year after year.

Extracurricular activities are important for our students. They challenge their limitations, strengthen their perseverance, and most of all, give them the opportunity to live amazing moments as they practice their art and meet people who are passionate about what they do.

On behalf of all the members of Les Survoltés, the Joliette High School Photography Club, thank you!

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J’aimerais remercier tous nos partenaires de la région qui, année après année, nous témoigne leur soutien.  Les activités parascolaires sont importantes pour nos jeunes.

Elles contribuent au dépassement de soi, renforcent la persévérance et surtout leur donnent l’opportunité de vivre des expériences terrains incroyables, en plus de rencontrer des gens passionnés par leur profession.

Au nom des membres du Club de Photographie de Joliette High School, Les Survoltés.  Merci.

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                                                                                                         Linda Genereux

Veronique Hivon, députée de Joliette, Parti Québécois   –   Photo J

Taxi Monaco   –   Les volailles Gianonne   –   Eric Bergevin, photographe



First Books Canada

To the great team at First Book Canada;

On behalf of Joliette High School, I would like to thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity. Some of the books have joined our library home such as the Star Wars collection and Rick Riordan’s Greek Heroes of the Percy Jackson series. A lot of the younger books went to 2 elementary schools, Joliette Elementary and Rawdon Elementary, as well as Rawdon Day Care.

We also provide some families in our community with Christmas baskets and these books will make perfect gifts for the less fortunate.

Again, our utmost gratitude to your wonderful team and we look forward to perhaps more opportunities to help give children the chance to explore the world of books.


Le Réseau – Drug Awareness Workshop

Parent Conference

Prevention, rather than reaction!


Each year, the prevention team of « Le Réseau » offers parents of children aged 10 to 17 years old, Drug Awareness Workshops.  The goal of these workshops is to provide parents with accurate and pertinent information, to help them develop techniques that will improve communication with their children.  

Parents are invited to come join us and learn more about teens and drug/alcohol consumption.

During the course of these workshops, we will try to meet your needs and provide as many answers as possible to your specific questions as parents. In order to do this, we will present the basic concepts relating to drug/alcohol abuse, using concrete situations that you could find yourself in.  We will also discuss teens and communication between parents and children.

Parents will also have the opportunity to think about and discuss their values, behaviours, and attitudes through role playing exercises.  There will also be a question period.  Parents will be able to ask their questions and speak out about their fears regarding certain situations their children might find themselves in.

Let’s not forget that a parent is a child’s number one resource.  Le Réseau is a warehouse of information and can offer tools designed to help parents.  It is important to remember that this is an informative workshop and your participation is important, even if your child is not abusing drugs or alcohol.

Where: Rawdon Elementary School, 4121 Queen Street, Rawdon, Quebec, J0K 1S0

When:  October 19th, 2016

Time:    7 – 9 p.m.

Please call us at 450-834-2427 to register.

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